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Products - Synhair / Luxhair

Freedom to change styles without changing wigs— that’s SKYE (left) and WILLOW (right) with Luxhair.™ We use only the highest quality, lightly processed human hair and our unique Ultimate Cap for a gentle, yet secure fit that is lightweight, flexible and natural looking. Choose long or short for endless styling options, with beautiful, subtle shading and highlights, in softly flowing hair that moves with you.

Choose to have it all. Comfort, style and practicality are combined in our ISABELLA (left) and CHANTEL (right) wigs with Synhair™. Keep your wig looking great with basic care, or change it at will, restyling to fit your mood. Light-wearing, versatile Synhair does it all, so you can always be your best. Choose from long or short in a wide range of beautiful shades and hues. Enjoy the carefree wearability of our unique Ultimate Cap, designed to be form fitting and adjustable, yet lightweight and natural in appearance.