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Frequently Asked Questions

Just what is Cyberhair®

What are the restrictions?
There are absolutely no restrictions on activity. Cyberhair
will give you freedom to enjoy life.
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What about using blow dryers with Cyberhair?
You may use the cool setting only however, the hair has a memory of it’s style and even if wet it will spring back to the original style.
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Are there special shampoos used with Cyberhair?
A Certified Cyberhair
Technician will recommend an exclusive line of Cyberhair C-Formula Products especially designed to keep your Cyberhair healthy. It doesn't take much to keep Cyberhair looking its best.
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What about going to a beauty shop?
You should only use a Certified Cyberhair
Technician. There are Certified Cyberhair Technicians all over the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.
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Can I, foil, color, perm or relax my Cyberhair?
It’s not recommended for Cyberhair
® has color and style memory. What you do to your own natural growing hair will be affected by these processes but your Cyberhair will not be affected.
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Does exposure to the sun effect Cyberhair?
No. Cyberhair will not discolor or break when exposed to the sun
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Will chlorinated water affect Cyberhair?
No. Cyberhair will not discolor or break even if you swim daily.
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Do I need a special brush or comb for styling my hair with Cyberhair?
Your Certified Cyberhair Technician will provide you with a special brush for all your needs and will recommend the proper the tools for the hairstyle you have chosen.
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Do I need to use special pillowcases and towels with Cyberhair?
Special pillows and towels are not required, but to protect your investment, you can ask your Certified Cyberhair Technician about the Satinique Pillowcase and Friction Free Towel which will increase the life of Cyberhair as well as take stress off your hair
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